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Burke County Forestry Pageant (TM)

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2007 Pageant Information

The 2nd Annual Burke County Forestry Scholarship Pageant will be held on Saturday, February 3, 2007 in Waynesboro, GA at the Burke County Office Park Auditorium.
Printed applications will be available soon at the following locations:
Edmund Burke Academy
Burke County Primary, Elementary, and High Schools
Georgia Forestry Commission-Waynesboro (Hwy 25)
You may also obtain a printed application by mail.  Just complete the form below and I will gladly mail you an application.
See ya at the pageant and thanks for supporting the Burke County Forestry Scholarship Pageant!

478-982-5451 or 912-764-9677

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Burke County Forestry Scholarship Pageant--a preliminary pageant to the Miss Georgia Forestry Scholarship Pageant.