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Burke County Forestry Pageant (TM)

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Teeny Miss
Queen-Adrianna Jo Chance
Prettiest Smile, Photogenic
1st Runner Up-Alaina Boulineau
Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Eyes, Most Beautiful, Prettiest Hair
Tiny Miss
Queen-Madison Dawn Taylor
Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Hair, Most Beautiful
1st Runner Up-Makenzie Kelly
Prettiest Smile
2nd Runner Up-Alaina Scott
3rd Runner Up-Hannah Cobb
People's Choice Winner (ages 0-9)
Haley Long
Abigail Marshall
Jessica Hendley-photogenic winner
Little Miss
Queen-Chloe McKinney
All Optionals
Junior Miss
Queen-Tiffany Wasden
Prettiest Dress
1st Runner Up-Kaelyn Amerson
Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Eyes, Most Beautiful, Photogenic, Prettiest Smile
2nd Runner Up-Emily Patrick
Queen-Brittany Johnson
Speech & Interview Winner
1st Runner Up-Erin Patrick
Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Smile, Most Beautiful, Photogenic
2nd Runner Up- Cassandra Cadle
3rd Runner Up-Morgan Bell
Rebecca Woodward
Michelle Roberson, prettiest dress
Queen-Aliegha Brigham
Speech & Interview Winner
Most Beautiful
1st Runner Up-Megan Register
2nd Runner Up-Laura Stone
People's Choice (ages 10-23)
3rd Runner Up-Lacey Hillis
Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Eyes
4th Runner Up-Brooke Hillis
Prettiest Hair
Hospitality Queen
Kaelyn Brooke Amerson

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