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Burke County Forestry Pageant (TM)

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Fees and Contact




 5:00 P.M. (Baby thru Little Miss)

7:00 P.M. Junior Miss, Teen Miss, Miss


Waynesboro, GA.

Winners will receive a beautiful rhinestone crown, trophy,

embroidered sash, crown pin, gift basket, and more!


Baby Miss 0-23 months (this age division added with enough interest)

Teeny Miss 2-3 years

Tiny Miss 4-6 years

Little Miss 7-9 years

Junior Miss 10-12 years

Teen Miss 13-16 years

Miss 17-23 years

Miss Hospitality (0-23 years)

Entry fee: $50 (beauty) and one $25 good luck ad for the pageant program book. (The good luck ad is mandatory for all contestants!) Good luck ads can be from friends, family members, and/or businesses. Ad prices are as follows: $25 business card

$40 page

$60 page

$90 full page

Each contestant must also furnish an age appropriate, wrapped gift. These gifts will be placed into a basket and awarded to each division winner. Be sure to purchase a nice gift—nothing less than $5. After all, you could be the winner! (This is part of your entry fee requirement.)

Optional categories are: Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Smile, Most Beautiful, Prettiest Hair  $10 each.   $5 for each add'l picture. Miss Hospitality will be awarded to the young lady that sells the most ads. There is no entry fee for this category. However, you must sale at least 10 ads to be eligible. Miss Hospitality queen, at the discretion of the director, may also compete in the state pageant in Tifton, GA in June 2007. The Hospitality queen will receive the same prizes as the other division queens.

There will be a People’s Choice winner in EACH age division provided there are at least 30 contestants in the pageant.  Otherwise, there will be two People’s Choice winners—ages 0-12 and 13-23.  Votes are $1 each.  Start collecting money now.  Money must be turned in at the People’s Choice table at the pageant.  The contestant with the most money will receive the People’s Choice Award.

Please make all checks payable to:

Burke County Forestry Pageant

984 Sandy Ridge Road

Millen, GA 30442

(912) 618-3884 or (912) 764-9868

The statewide mandated admission fee for each local forestry pageant is $7 per person. Contestants are admitted free.